Where can I buy pottery?

We have many talented ceramic artists amongst our membership who sell work. If you are looking for a special, locally made mug for a special gift, or a unique vase for your dining table, we have a list of makers to consider. Check out some of our makers...

Community Involvement

  • Providing demonstrations at public libraries, art festivals and community events
  • Collaborating with community outreach organisations such as Scouts and Guides and Emerge Aotearoa, Oranga Tamariki, community groups....
  • Helping schools – encouraging teachers to offer clay experiences to their students and supporting them at no profit to the Waikato Society of Potters services
  • Encouraging all people to learn and enjoy the therapeutic properties of pottery and playing with clay
  • Developing experiences for corporate companies and organisations to enhance team building through clay
  • Encouraging people with disabilities to enjoy playing with clay and meeting new people in a supportive environment
  • Facilitating classes for all people from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome to attend classes, we offer a members discount on fees
  • Waikato Society of Potters works in conjunction with Otago Polytechnic to deliver the studio practice component of the Otago Polytechnic's Diploma in Ceramics. This is offered to students from Central North Island region.

You were fantastic in the way you lead the group and didn’t bog us down in too much detail – obviously we aren’t professional potters but just enjoyed getting in the moment of making and creating.

We can’t wait to pick up all the treasures when they are ready.

- Odette | Norris Ward McKinnon -


Come along and enjoy one of our fun filled sessions! Getting your hands dirty is FUN!


- Unknown -


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