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Potters' Press - 18 June 2021

Studio business | Nerikomi coloured clay workshop with Lynda Wilson | Figure sculpture workshop with Javier Murcia

Kia ora potters,  

Here we are at the end of another week. If you aren’t heading to Fieldays tomorrow, there is Play With Clay is on in the morning. Thanks so much to Alex and Margaret who are volunteering. We have a few event announcements that have us leaping with excitement and we are recruiting for a new cleaning position. This is urgent as the wonderful Jheel is leaving us for new adventures. We wish her all the best in her studies as well as her new job. 


  • Cleaner wanted urgently Congratulations to Jheel on getting a new job! We are pleased and excited for her new adventure but also sad to say goodbye. Jheel has been doing an amazing job cleaning the studio on Sunday evenings. Potters know the importance of mopping up all the dust produced by clay so we are rather urgently looking for a reliable person who can come for 4 hours each Sunday to take over. Please forward the office details to anyone who you think might be interested: 07 838 1950. 
  • The kilns have been emptied and the shelves are really full! If you have been waiting for a masterpiece to be cooked, it might be out. The bisque spill-over shelves in the hallway are full up, as well as the bisque shelves in the kiln room, and there are some real beauties on the glaze shelves too. 
  • Play with Clay is running tomorrow with the old Tuesday night wonder-team of Alex and Margaret here to look after you. There is a workshop on afterwards, so please make sure you clean up well after yourself for the incoming group. 
    Sessions for the following week are below:
    Play with Clay: Tuesday 6-9pm, Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm
    Open Studio:  next week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 1-4pm and Thursday 10am-12.30pm 


We are busy lining up some more exciting events and workshops for you. We are still ironing out a few of the fine details but are just too excited not to share a little prematurely. These next two workshops should be ready for booking in the next couple of weeks. Look out for the announcements in upcoming newsletters. You might want to mark the dates in your diary, in the meantime:

3 thumbnail images of ceramic work by Lynda Wilson. A jug, and two bowls each made using Nerikomi clay techniques

Nerikomi coloured clay techniques with Lynda Wilson

When: 1 August - one day workshop 

Nerikomi (often referred to as “neriage”) is a decorative process established in Japan that involves stacking coloured clay and then slicing through the cross section to reveal a pattern, which can then be used as an applied decoration. Nerikomi designs provide a wonderful way to work three dimensionally with patterns and images. The results reflect a combination of both careful planning and accidental surprise, plus it’s exciting work for those who love patterns and are drawn to the wet-clay stage of pottery making. 

Lynda Wilson is a New Zealand-based contemporary artist. Check out some of her work: and

3-day Simplified figure sculpture workshop with Javier Murcia

When: 23-25 October (Labour Day weekend) 

This is a real long-weekend treat.  

Javier Murcia is an artist with more than 20 years of experience in the art and the entertainment industry. Trained as a figurative sculptor with a particular interest in anatomy, he has developed a style that plays with the form and the drama in the intention of capturing the soul on his work. 

"Using an example of a figure as a reference that I bring to the course, I will explain to the students how to break the body into simple geometrical parts, in an easy way to understand the core structure of the figure that holds its weight and plays with the balance against gravity. We learn proportions and anatomy without going too deep, just enough to read through the surface of the skin." and

Wood kiln firing with Duncan Shearer

When: Monday 12th July: prep shelves and kiln; Saturday 17th July: packing kiln; Sunday 18th July: firing kiln 

There are still a few places left on Phoenix wood firing next month with Duncan Shearer. Booking requires you to participate on at least two of the days to help with the preparation, packing and firing of the kiln. To secure a space, book with a deposit online. 

Waikato Society of Potters Annual Exhibition

When: 15 October - 22 November 

Another date for your diaries! This year, we are holding our 50th Annual Exhibition! ArtsPost will be hosting us again. We hope to have lots of entries from our members. We are encouraging submissions from both emerging and experienced potters so please don’t be daunted if you are relatively new to the craft. We’re busy planning at the moment and will have more information coming soon, including announcing a new award for best mug!


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