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Potters' Press - 25 June 2021

Slip cast work by Alex Wilkinson

Small thumbnails of: black/white teapot, blue/white mugs, green white jug and sculptures

Bookings open for Javier Murcia's sculpture workshop | New beginner classes | Learn to slip cast | Volunteers needed

Kia ora potters,  

How are you all? Can you believe we are already half-way through the year? The week began with the Winter Solstice, marking the slow turn away from the darkness of winter towards the longer days and more light. Term 2 is almost over – just one week to go – and then we are in to the mini-term holiday classes. While we still have quite a few cold days and nights to get through before spring arrives, I can deliver some cheerful news that I promised was on the way: Javier Murcia’s figure sculpture class is now on EventsPronto and open for booking. Places are limited so book soon to avoid disappointment. The link is in the newsletter below, along with links to upcoming classes and other studio business. 

I haven't looked at the weather forecast for the weekend ahead, but hope your days are full of positive and warm rays of sun.

Ngā mihi,

New classes

Mini-term classes aren’t always only about beginner throwing and hand-building tasters. This time we also have a 3-week slip casting class running on Monday evenings. Some classes are already sold-out but the classes below still have spaces.  

Monday Night Slip Casting Class  (3 weeks with Alex Wilkinson)

Tuesday Mornings Introduction to Wheel throwing (4 weeks with Claire Tāne)

Wednesday Night Beginners Hand building (4 weeks with Lara Rye)

Thursday Mornings Introduction to Pottery (4 weeks  with Claire Tāne)

​ 3-day Simplified figure sculpture workshop with Javier Murcia

23-25 October (Labour Day weekend) 9am-6pm with 1 hour lunch break each day 

Skill level: intermediate-advanced 

This is a real long-weekend treat for people interested in figure sculpture.  

Javier Murcia is an artist with more than 20 years of experience in the art and the entertainment industry. Trained as a figurative sculptor with a particular interest in anatomy, he has developed a style that plays with the form and the drama in the intention of capturing the soul on his work. 

"Using an example of a figure as a reference that I bring to the course, I will explain to the students how to break the body into simple geometrical parts, in an easy way to understand the core structure of the figure that holds its weight and plays with the balance against gravity. We learn proportions and anatomy without going too deep, just enough to read through the surface of the skin." 

Places are limited to 12 participants.  

Clay (10kg) and the hire of stands are included in the workshop fees. 

Book now and 


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