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Potters' Press 3 December 2021

Vaccine passes | Luster workshop | Christmas decoration making | Javier Murcia | Raku club | Open Studio times | Cleaner wanted

Orange settings are in place

New Zealand has now moved to the COVID-19 Protection Framework and orange settings are in place at the studio. This means we are able to increase the number of people in the studio at this time. As the virus is still in the community, we are taking precautions so some things have not changed.

All our tutors, staff and volunteers are double vaccinated and we will be taking all the possible measures we can to ensure your safety.

What has changed?

  • We can now only have fully vaccinated people on site. Please make sure you have your vaccination pass with you as we will need to check this. You can have it on your phone, or a printed copy. 
  • We can now operate in the studio at 1m distancing, as opposed to the 2m distancing rule we have had since August. This will hopefully be more manageable for you in the tighter areas like the hallway, and allows more people in the glaze room.
  • While we love having children in the studio, we have a lot of changes going on so ask that children don't come to the studio over the next couple of weeks until we have all our now systems in place. Since younger children aren't yet able to be vaccinated, we want to ensure their safety.

What has not changed?

  • You will still need to book in advance for Open Studio sessions and, for now, Play with Clay is not running, just until we have the hang of the new systems. There are spaces available tomorrow morning and next week. 
  • We still need you to sign/scan in on entry as this is for contact tracing purposes.
  • Please continue to bring and wear your mask in the studio.
  • Please also make use of the hand sanitisers, and wipe down and clean your workstations after your class (there are a number of spray bottles and cloths dotted around the studio, kitchen and glaze room).

We appreciate your help and patience as we implement the new procedures. It will take a little time to get used to so we might take a little while to get things moving smoothly. 

Upcoming workshops

Luster workshop 8 December, 6.30-9pm

Christmas decoration making (suitable for absolute beginners) 9 December, 6-9pm

Mold making with Javier Murcia 11-13 December

Simplified Figure Sculpture 18-20 December (only a couple of spots remaining)

Raku club firing

If you haven't been part of a raku firing before, they are fun, dramatic, and yield unpredictable but breathtaking results.

Get involved with handling glowing things! Our raku expert, David, will run this event providing our members with an opportunity to fire a few items.

Read more about how it works and what you will need to bring...

Studio time

We have studio slots available for members. Tomorrow is the last Saturday before the holidays for making as the following weekends are booked out with workshops.

Thanks to Teresa and Shuma who are volunteering tomorrow, and Bea and Margaret next Tuesday evening. We have weekday slots available too. You still need to book in advance though as numbers in the studio are still a little restricted.

Remember to bring you vaccine pass and a mask. 

Cleaner wanted

We are looking for a new cleaner as the wonderful Adrian needs to take a bit of a break from the studio. We would prefer someone with experience in a pottery studio, which brings an understanding of the hazards and ways of working around clay dust. It is 4 hours per week usually on a Sunday due to a busy class schedule but with some flexibility.

Please contact Sarah if you are interested in applying ( or 07 838 1950 during studio hours).

Gas kiln is out of order

The gas kiln is out of action. We had some issues with the carbon monoxide monitor and it has been sent off for recalibration. It means no gas firings until it has been returned. We put an express request on the service, but with Auckland border delays (it had to go there) we can't expect it to happen quickly. We will keep you posted. It's terrible timing but we are doing everything we ca to get it back up and running.


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