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Potters Press 8 April 2022

Kiln Props  |  Connected Clay Club  |  Upcoming workshops  |  Other studio business  |  Coromandel Easter Exhibition   |   Gallery 9

Kiln props and other studio necessities

Before getting to the fun stuff, there's something serious to address.

Recently we mentioned that tools (and especially those used for finishing on the wheel) have been disappearing at alarming rates. This week, we noticed that in the last 6 months our stocks of kiln props are depleted to the point that it is impacting our ability to fill the kilns in an efficient manner. We haven't had many breakages, so this is a concerning and disappointing development. Our studio is a community organisation that is both a charity and an incorporated society. We simply don't have a deep well of funds to continually replace vast quantities of expensive equipment. 

If you have borrowed kiln props or tools from us, we would very much appreciate that they be returned. 

If you have purchased a kiln of your own and need help sourcing kiln equipment, get in touch and we can point you in the direction of a supplier.

Connected Clay Club

Thursday 14 April, 7pm
via Google Meets

A fitting way to get in the mood for the school/Easter holidays! Grab a glass or cup of your beverage of choice, click the link, and gather with others who are also potty about clay! 

Kia ora clay whanau, 

I am this year’s president of the Waikato Society of Potters (WSP) Therese May, known as Tess. This is an online session for WSP members to participate and learn from each other via a Google link. 

If you would l like to participate please contact our manager Sarah at who will forward the link to you. 

This is the second session, so please be ready with clay and kebab stick/wooden skewer

What is Connected clay club? 

It is a series of interactive online sessions offering members the opportunity to share ideas, their current work and learn more about clay from each other; for beginner to experienced clay workers. A special invitation goes out to experienced potters to share their knowledge and expertise with clay at these sessions.

I look forward to your korero on the night. 

Ngaa mihi Tess

Upcoming workshops

How to sell 5000 ceramics pieces in a year - Finding your niche in the production pottery environment - Alex Wilkinson - 21 April 2022 6-8.30pm 

Mold Making Masterclass - Javier Murcia - 26-28 April 2022

Foundations of head and neck - Sculpture Masterclass - Javier Murcia - 29 April - 1 May

Throwing Big -  Alex Wilkinson - 25 June 2022 - 9-4pm

Other studio business

PWC and Open Studio are getting a little busier now. Vaccine Passes are no longer needed (yippee!) but there are a few things needed. The following rules are in place for all visits, whether a class or just dropping off work for firing:

  • masks are still mandatory so please wear it in the studio;
  • signing in/out - please still do this. We are required by council (landlords) to do this so that in case of emergency evacuation we can assure them everyone has been accounted for. We also need to record statistics like numbers coming through the door for funding agencies and the charities registry.
  • booking - please continue to book in for PWC and Open Studio. We are limiting numbers at red settings so avoid disappointment by booking in advance via our EventsPronto page. There's no need to book for drop offs and pick ups.
  • doorbell - We have a doorbell now for evenings in order to make it easier for volunteers to manage numbers in the studio. If the door is closed when you arrive, please ring the bell. Please don't ring it outside of studio hours (like if there is a weekend workshop on) or when regular classes are running. 

Open Day

A reminder that we have our Clay Day Out coming up. This open day is a great opportunity for people to come have a go at clay. Thank to Creative NZ's Creative Communities Scheme funding, this is going to be a free event, so a really awesome fun morning out for whānau. Please help to spread the word, maybe share the link.

If you can volunteer some time to help us, please get in touch.


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