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Potters' Press 22 April 2022

Memorial for Val McArthur  |  Open Day  |  WSP Annual Exhibition  |  Diploma Fridays  |  Holidays and no PWC/Open Studio next week

Memorial for Val McArthur

Memorial for Val McArthur will be held on Friday 29th April at 2pm at The Narrows Landing, 431 Airport Rd, Hamilton. 

Val was one of the founding members of the Waikato Society of Potters and was also a founding member of the Fire and Form Potters Co-operative. Val passed away last August but due to Covid-19 restrictions her family are only now able to hold a service. 

Our thoughts go out to Val's family. Val's legacy as a founding member of the Society means so much, even to those who never had the fortune to meet her, as we continue to enjoy this wonderful club now and in the future.

WSP Clay Day Out - Open Day 2022

Saturday 23 April 10am-2pm.

Tomorrow, we are holding our first Open Day since COVID-19 arrived in New Zealand. We invite everyone who has had an urge, but not the opportunity, to try their hand at making something with clay to come along and have a go.

If you have friends who you think might fall for this mucky craft, let them know. We welcome children and adult. The whole event is funded (thank you CNZ Creative Communities Scheme!) so, why not have a morning out on us.

Please bring a mask - you will need it if you want to come inside.

Our staff and volunteers are going to be super busy tomorrow so please don't come by to drop off your firing or buy some clay. We will be storing away the glazed work anyway so nothing gets broken. All hands are on deck for the event tomorrow, so we can't help with any other studio business. If you decide you want to come and lend a hand, we start at 10am tomorrow and will be setting up from 9am.


Hey potters, it's April already. Please start making for the exhibition if you haven't already. We want to see more entries come in!

Venue: ArtsPost Hamilton
27 May - 27 June 2022 (Opening preview evening 26 May)

The 50th Annual Exhibition of the Waikato Society of Potters was postponed in October 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions and delays. We will now be holding the exhibition in 2022. 
We want it to be special. Not only is it a milestone exhibition, these last few years have also been a very challenging time for everyone. So, we want to celebrate all our members, at all experience levels! Please consider submitting some work for our upcoming annual exhibition. There are many awesome awards, but it's more about celebrating you all than winning!
All the information about the awards, conditions of entry and the entry forms can be found on the exhibition page of our website.

Fridays at WSP

Just a reminder almost every other Friday is Diploma day here. While a quick drop off and pick up is ok, if you have more to do, please check the online calendar on our website first. If it is a diploma day, please some along on a different day to work or do some glazing. 

No Play with Clay or Open Studio next week

Next week the studio is closed for PWC and Open Studio. Javier Murcia will be here to run his mold making and head sculpture studies workshops. Of course, if you need a clay fix, at this stage there are still spaces if you want to learn some master head sculpting skills. Find out more and book...

We will be back again for PWC on the evening of Tuesday 3 May. The next Open Studio will be 2 May.

Also, remember that this is a long weekend to honour Anzac Day so we will be closed on Monday.


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