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Introducing Lara, the Great Waikato Pottery Throwdown and more news

Introducing Lara  |  The Great Waikato Pottery Throwdown  |  Studio business and Reminder of building work  |  Volunteering 

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Introducing Lara


A portrait of a woman smiling into the camera. She has short dark hair and wears hooped earrings and a hoop nose ring. Around her neck is a blue face mask with a pink floral pattern and she wears a green jacket.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Lara who joined the WSP team this week. We are thrilled that Lara is job-sharing the studio assistant role with Larissa. Lara has taught evening classes at WSP before as well as attending PWC sessions, so you may already recognise her. She will be working at the start of the week so if you are around please say hi!  

Studio business


  • Studio is closure for building work 18-29 JULY! Staff will be working from home so if you need to get in touch, please continue to email. The phones will not be manned.
  • PWC is on tomorrow morning 10am-1pm.
  • When dropping of work for firing, please remove pieces from boxes and place work directly on to the relevant shelves (bisque or glazing). Please do not leave them in boxes on the shelves for the team to unpack.
  • Glazing 101 - Wiping the glaze from the bottom of work. Margaret has been spending an increasing amount of time cleaning glaze off pieces (and saving people from expensive kiln accidents). Please ensure you are leaving sufficient space (1cm) in case of drips. Pay particular attention to flatter pieces by placing them on the worktop and looking closely to ensure there is enough clear space. If you wax, you also need to wipe the glaze off the wax.

Helping around the studio

Thanks to our awesome volunteers without whom we would be lost! We are so grateful to Bronwen who has been occasionally helping us with Wednesday morning Play With Clay sessions and also to Margaret who keeps the kiln room ship shape! 

Margaret is taking a couple of weeks off in August to take a well deserved holiday. Larissa is going to be away at the same time. If any of our members have some hours to spare helping us to load a kiln or two during that time (8-19 August), that would be wonderful. 

Where would we be without Teresa, Tim, Tess and Margaret who keep PWC running regularly. Thanks heaps!

Thanks also go out to Meg Wilshier who, at very short notice, jumped on board to help run a workshop for a children's holiday programme when we had an unexpected tutor shortage. You were amazing Meg and the kids had a blast!

On that note, it was agreed at the AGM that any club members volunteering 40 hours or more across a financial year will qualify for a free membership. Please contact Sarah if you would like to put your name down for some volunteering ( Examples of help we need are loading kilns when we need relief, help assisting our PWC visitors, mentoring some of our students or help running events. 

A special event for our members

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu:

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu:

Pop this in your diary now as this is an event you will not want to miss! Saturday 20 August, 2-5pm.

We have a treat for our club members. The world is captivated by the Great Pottery Throwdown and we are going to have our very own fun, scaled down tribute version. This is a free event for our club members although we do ask that you bring a plate, if you can, so we can have some shared kai.

We will provide more information in the coming weeks but there will be a range of challenges for both wheel throwers and hand builders. People with all levels of experience are encouraged to take part. The emphasis is on fun - winners will get bragging rights, and their photo and name in the news and on our social media. 

We will provide a small amount of clay for participants. However, If you wish to fire your work after the competition, that will be at your own cost. Keep your eyes peeled on the news and social media in the next couple of weeks for more information.


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