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Kiln maintenance, throwing class, health and safety, kiln for sale + an exhibition

Another new sign

Great team work! Emma Meyers made us this lovely "open" sign and Lara Rye used her metal work skills to make a chain to hang it with. 

Kiln maintenance

Kilns 2 and 3 will be out of action for a few days while David carries out some much-needed maintenance. We hope to get them both up and running around the middle of next week. However, starting them up again will also depend on the availability of the electrician. Please be patient and understand that work might take a little longer to get fired and there will be no whole kiln bookings available next week.

Sunday wheel throwing taster

There are a few ore spaces left on the Sunday wheel throwing taster class (4 weeks) beginning this weekend. If you would like to book, there is still time:

Silicosis: An avoidable disease

This article has recently been shared on social media about one of the real health risks associated with clay. We take measures to reduce clay dust in the air in the studio (like using a wet vac and wet cleaning surfaces, wearing respirators when mixing glaze materials and never sanding indoors). Please take a few minutes to read it, it could save your lungs if you adopt a few precautions into your clay practice:

Kiln for sale

A former member of the society is selling a kiln. Please contact the seller directly if you are interested.

Shimpo Dub 7
Single phase (so it works just on household power)
Excellent condition - bought it new 3 1/2yrs ago and hasn't had a lot of use
Just a few marks on the shelving that comes with firing (home potter).

Would like $5.200 for it as new ones now $7000. Please phone Shirley on 021 823441 for more details.

World Clay Collab

Exhibition venue: Jo Raill’s Half Pint Gallery, 245 Hunua Road, Papkura
Sunday, 18 June 2-5pm, runs until 9 July 2023

Conceptualised by Coni Kalinowski, along with Thom Bumblauskas and Peter Jakubowski from Clay Arts Vegas. 43 artists from seven countries, with artists paired using a variety of factors, including individual styles, the themes of the artists’ work, and even personality. The artists were given no specific instruction as to how to do their work.  Some shared pieces back and forth, some created interlocking pieces, and others melded their individual styles into a unified approach.  


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