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Thank you volunteers! Studio hours + winter reminders...

Thank you volunteers!!!

Special mention to all our volunteers! There's a lot to get done in a day around here and we are feeling very supported. Shout out to Emma, Meg, Lisa, Burns, Craig, Lydia, Yasmin and Stephen who have offered extra support this week and of course all of our long time volunteers and committee members. We really appreciate it and see you <3

Javier Murcia's Workshops

Thank you to Javier and the lovely group of students for inhabiting the studio last weekend. It's cool to see how different everyone's pieces are and we have received some great feedback about the Head Studies workshop (thanks for the photos Renette). Javier is currently at the studio preparing for the Simplified Figure workshop this weekend. There are still a few spaces left, if anyone is interested click here otherwise I highly recommend checking out Javier's website.

Simplified Figures with Javier — 8th - 9th July

Javier Murcia is an accomplished figurative and portrait sculptor who combines his study of both fine arts and anatomy to create figurative works that push human anatomy to its ‘outer’ limits.

Students come to this workshop to learn how to solve issues when making a human body in clay. Something you see a lot among the students is the stiffness of the figures they produce. One of the critical things you will learn in this workshop is to break down the body into different parts. This will help to learn proportions, connect parts and get a more flexible work. 


Dave Austin  —  Te Wheiao at Public Record  — 13th - 30th July 

Tāmaki Makaurau

Māori Artist, Dave Austin is an exciting and experimental artist based in Hamilton who work moves between ceramics, sculpture, painting and poetry.

Often bold, or gestural, Austin’s work draws inspiration from a variety of styles and techniques, combining eclectic references with his Maori heritage and connection to symbols, spirituality and story-telling.

Emelia French  —  IMPRESSIBLE, CHANGEABLE, UNRULY at Laree Payne Gallery  —  28th June - 22nd July


Working solely in ceramics, French presents domestically-scaled objects  alongside large scale wall tiles and hand-shaped bronze fixtures. Primarily motivated by the relationship between artist and material, French seeks to reveal the clay's inherent character which she describes as 'impressible, changeable and unruly'. 

Winter Reminders

  • Please do not put wet bisque ware on the bisque shelves unless it is your last class. The glaze room is very cold and during winter your pottery dries slow here. Pottery will dry much faster in the main studio or at home.

  • If you are selling your pottery you must use the commercial firing sheet and your own glazes. Club glaze recipes are open source for members to use. If you'd like to know more, talk to Larissa


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