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Invitation to our exhibition opening + car boot sale + studio access

Invitation to our exhibition opening 

If you haven't submitted your entry form for the exhibition and still want to have something in the show, please send the form in over the weekend. I will be submitting the list of works to ArtsPost on Monday morning. We would love to have a really full exhibition again this year so if you missed the deadline, you can still submit the form over the weekend.

Our exhibition opening preview is next week, Thursday 17th August at 5.30pm. Please come along to celebrate our exhibitors and awards ceremony. If you are coming, we would also appreciate members who can bringing along a plate to share. Drinks will be provided by us.

There will be an exhibition of painting works by Claire Flannery and Katherine Whitaker, Modern Women, opening in the Margot Phillips gallery next door so it will be a great night out.

Exhibition running dates have been extended

ArtsPost gallery have given us an extension to our exhibition running time with the exhibition now running until 29 September. This is a welcome and generous offer as it extends the exposure time for the society and increases the possibility of sales at no extra cost to us.

Next week at the studio

Next week is the last week with a full day of Open Studio on a Tuesday. Sylvia Sinel's Tuesday morning class begins on 22nd August. We are looking forward to Sylvia's return to the club. If you would like to enroll, there are still a few spaces left. 

Studio access coming up 12-18 August

Open Studio: Mon 1-4pm; Tue 10am-4pm; Wed 1-4pm
Play With Clay: Sat 10-1pm; Tue 6-9pm; Wed 9.30am-12.30pm

Car boot sale

A car boot sale being organised by The Home Educators' Network that could provide a good opportunity to sell your ceramics:

Promoting events of interest

Being an incorporated society, we often help individuals and other like-minded not-for-profit groups to promote exhibitions and events that are of interest to our members. If you have an event or exhibition coming up and would like us to help you promote it, please send the information to us by email to or to

Image files (jpg) and some brief accompanying text with all the relevant information is preferred. We can attach PDF files for download too. We will then disseminate the information on your behalf through our appropriate channels.

We can also put posters up if you drop them in to us.


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