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Phoenix Wood Firing, Open Day

Kia ora folks

This week we’ve been madly planning the first WSP wood firing for the year and getting the word out about the upcoming Open Day. Find the details in this week’s newsletter.

Phoenix Wood Firing

The date has been set for the first Phoenix Wood Firing for the year – Sunday the 7th of April! Of course, there’s so much more involved than just the firing day, so if you’d like to get amongst this experience, please be sure to check all the dates to make sure you can participate.

Saturday 23 March: Prep day: prep shelves and kiln, make wadding

Saturday 6 April: packing kiln

Sunday 7 April: firing kiln

Saturday 13 April (Open Day): unloading kiln

Please note that there is no separate glazing day, so all pots will need to be glazed before the 6th of April, ready for wadding and loading.

You can sign-up and find more info on our Class Bookings page.

Open Day – The Big Day of Clay

Our Open Day is happening on Saturday the 13th of April, 10am - 2pm and we’d love for you and your friends and family to come along and join in the fun! There’s going to be lots happening and we’re excited to share our love of clay with the wider Waikato community.

We’d also be tickled if you could share our advertising with your friends, work colleagues and families. We will have posters and flyers in the studio next week for people to take to their workplaces and schools etc. And we have posts on Facebook and Instagram, which we’d be stoked if you could share on your newsfeeds too. Thanks so much!

Open Day Volunteers

We’re looking for people who would like to help us share the passion! If you think you can help us with the below activities, please get in touch with Libby or Josephine.

Before the Day:

Bakers – any keen bakers to make muffins, cakes, savouries etc. that we can sell in the kitchen for fund-raising.

Worker Bees for the Working Bee – A quick clean, setting up the various stations, and decorating the studio on the day before, Friday 12th, 12-4pm

On the Day:

Wheel-throwing Helping Hands – you help a punter throw a pot, they are super delighted!

Slippery Dip – you help wrangle the kids into dipping into the slip tub for a number that correlates to a prize.

Lucky Dip – more kiddy wrangling, but less messy, prizes are ready-wrapped.

Paint a Pot – you help a punter underglaze a pot which will be fired for them to collect later, they are super delighted!

Raku – helping people raku-glaze a pot, helping David load the kiln and yoink pots out to be smoked and then cooled and cleaned.

Ticket Sales – process cash and eftpos transactions so the lovely punters can buy tickets for the various activities.

Squish, Squash, Mish, Mash – mostly kiddies, just having a good old squish and mangle of the clay. They may want to have their creations fired. Highly likely some wrangling involved.

Raffles – touting, selling tickets and recording contact details. Winners are drawn at a later date.

Various stuff and things – if you’re keen to help but don’t know what to do, just let us know and we’ll give you a job :D 

Open Day – Members’ Stalls

This Open Day we’d love to support our members to sell their work to our visitors, so we’re making space in the park for market stalls. Each space will be 3x3m, enough for a gazebo and some tables, and costs a flat $20, no commissions, no extra fees. Feel free to share the space and fee with a friend if you want! Claim your spot and find more info on our booking page.

Studio Schedule

Here’s how things are looking so far this coming week, remember to check the online calendar for changes though!

Saturday 16th Mar
10am – 1pm, Play with Clay

Sunday 17th Mar
10am – 1pm, Class – Wheel Throwing Taster

Monday 18th Mar
9.30am – 12.30pm, Class – Beginner Wheel Throwing
1pm – 4pm, Members’ Open Studio
6pm – 9pm, Class – Wheel Throwing

Tuesday 19th Mar
9.30am – 12.30pm, Members’ Open Studio
1pm – 4pm, CLOSED for a private class
6pm – 9pm, Play with Clay

Wednesday 20th Mar
9.30am – 12.30pm, Play with Clay
1pm – 4pm, Members’ Open Studio
6pm – 9pm, Class – Wheel Throwing, Altering, Decorating

Thursday 21st Mar
9.30am – 12.30pm, Class – Animal Sculpture
1pm – 4pm, Members’ Open Studio
6pm – 9pm, Class – Hand Building

Friday 22nd Mar
9.30am – 2pm, Members’ Open Studio
2.30pm – 4.30pm, CLOSED for a private workshop

Saturday 23rd Mar
10am – 1pm, Play with Clay


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