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Potters' Press - 2 July 2021

building the pit fire

ceramics nestled in shredded paper, with cabbage leaves and seaweed around them, sprinkled with green powder

Pit firing | kiln maintenance | Nerikomi workshop | Wood firing | Classes

Kia ora potters,  

Here we are in July and what a cold start to the month it has been! The sun is shining and the days are lovely and crisp. It is quite a contrast to last weekend’s rain. Last Sunday I was privileged to be invited to join Diane’s (Thursday night) class as they prepared, buried, built and fired their work in a pit fire. It was so much fun that we weren’t bothered by the rain at all. I’m so grateful to have been part of the action. Check out the newsletter this week for upcoming classes and event announcements and what’s going on in the studio.  

Have a great weekend! 


  • Kiln 1 is out of order – we are running a little behind with firing this week. We had an electrical issue this week so the mid-week glaze firing didn’t reach temperature. It means that some of our work needs to be refired. However, we are slowed down because Kiln 1 is out until we get the all-clear that it is safe to fire. Fingers are crossed that this happens soon. In the meantime, we will try our best to keep work moving through, but please know that this might be a little slower than usual. 
  • For safety reasons – please do not remove the timer from the wax pan. This has happened a couple of times recently. Removing the timer is a fire risk as it is easy to forget to turn it off. If you aren’t sure how to get it going, just ask one of the staff, the artist-in-residence or a volunteer.  
  • Related – we would be grateful if you try to remember to switch off the drying cupboard after use as it is a waste of electricity if left on unnecessarily. 
  • Play with Clay is running tomorrow. Thank you to Teresa for volunteering. There is a workshop on in the afternoon so please make sure you clean up well after yourself for the incoming group.  Sessions for the following week are below: 
    • Play with Clay: Tuesday 6-9pm, Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm 
    • Open Studio:  next week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 1-4pm  


​Nerikomi coloured clay techniques with Lynda Wilson

1 August - one day workshop 

We are now accepting bookings for Lynda Wilson’s workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to explore various methods of the Nerikomi/inlay technique. They will colour white clay and use different clay bodies, to layer into canes or blocks. Theses canes/blocks will be thinly sliced and used to create patterned clay, which will then be formed into vessels or objects of their choice. 

Lynda Wilson is a New Zealand-based contemporary artist who makes beautiful ceramic work using this Japanese technique. Check out some of her work: and 

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Woodfiring with Duncan Shearer

17/18 July (with prep day on 12 July) 

Only one space remaining to fire in the Phoenix kiln in July.  

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Mini-term classes are about to start; some begin next week, some the following week. There are still spaces left in some of the classes:  

Monday Night Slip Casting Class (3 weeks beginning 12 July) 

Tuesday Mornings Introduction to Wheel throwing (4 weeks beginning 6 July) 

Thursday Mornings Introduction to Pottery (4 weeks beginning 8 July) 


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