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Potters' Press - 23 June 2021

by Fiona Tunnicliffe

clay sculpture of a rabbit face

A salute to Noelle Schroder | Term 3 classes announced | Fiona Tunnicliffe visit 

 Kia ora potters,  
I hope you are having a lovely week. The very talented Fiona Tunicliffe was in the studio today teaching our lucky diploma students her animal sculpting secrets. Stephen and I were feeling rather jealous as we sat next door doing office work. It’s been a productive week with Term 3 classes now online and open for booking. Thank you for your patience. There have been a few changes to the line-up, so please follow the link in the newsletter to find out what we have on. You will also find some studio business updates and other news in there too. A celebration of the life of Noelle Schroder is being held at the David Lloyd Gallery this evening, 5.30-7pm. Noelle passed away on 25 June, 2021. A long-time member of the society, Noelle will be sadly missed. Please come along to the opening this evening, or to the gallery over the weekend to share memories of her life. 
Ngā mihi,

Three thumbnails of a clay rabbit head sculpture, a flat, circular ceramic platter and an abstract ceramic sculpture

Work by Fiona Tunnicliff (left), Jess Moughan (centre) and Yasmin Davis (right)


Noelle Mary Schroder. Born December 24, 1932, died Friday, June 25, 2021. 

Noelle had been a member of WSP for a long time and always been keen and active supporting artists of all kinds. She was delightful, fun, outspoken yet kind with sparkling eyes and an amazing sense of design and style which never wavered. Noelle will be sadly missed by the Pottery Society. 

A "Salute to Noelle" is being held tonight, Friday 23 July 5.30-7pm at David Lloyd Gallery, 78 Lake Crescent, Hamilton (Gallery open 24-25 July). The exhibition is an opportunity to share memories of her colourful, fully-lived life.  

"SCHRODER, Noelle Mary. Born December 24, 1932, died Friday, June 25, 2021. Mother, grandmother, great grandmother, dear family member, devoted friend, confidant, artist, rule bender, organiser extraordinaire, never afraid to speak her mind. Went out in just as much style as she lived, pearls and lippy included. Noelle brought her vast network of family and friends together over the past weeks to celebrate her full life. Not one to miss the party, she revelled in secret gatherings in the hospital atrium, cheeky sips of champagne, and the retelling of many precious stories. Noelle's last hurrah has been a fitting reflection of a remarkable life. We thank everyone who has brought a sparkle to Noelle's eye and the trademark smile to her face. You go with the love of your children - Bart, Rob, Mary- Louise, Berri, Martin, Katy, Josie, and Xiao Dan - our wonderful extended family, and Noelle's many friends." -- Published in The New Zealand Herald from June 26 to June 28, 2021 -- 


  • Waste minimisation - As a pottery studio, we are conscious about how much waste we produce. We try to encourage good practice when it comes to clay: educating about the fact that it is a finite resource; we recycle waste clay in the studio; and try to encourage you to minimise your own clay waste, for example, by not firing work that you won’t want to use for years to come. Staff also take home recyclable containers and we compost kitchen scraps. We are conscious too that we get through a lot of paper in the studio and we are going to slowly start to do our best to address that. One step we are taking in the coming months is to phase out firing sheets: 
  • Phasing out firing sheets: 
    • In Term 3, students will not be given firing sheets. Instead, you will simply pay for your firing before you drop items off in the kiln room. Just ask your tutor, a staff member, Artist-in-Residence (AR) or a volunteer to help you put your payment through by Eftpos or in cash. 
    • New firing sheets will not be issued when your current credit is used up. Once your current credit has been used, please don’t top it up. We will now be asking people to use up credit and then start to pay per piece in the studio. 
    • If you have a studio credit issued (sometimes people accept a credit instead of a refund when necessary) we will keep a file for firing credits issued. In these cases, just ask a staff member, AR or volunteer to help you redeem your credit.  
  • Please remember that all financial transactions should be carried out by a tutor, volunteer, AR or staff member
  • Please collect bisqueware as soon as possible – If you have any bisqueware from April and May, please pop in to collect it as soon as possible. The kitchen/hallway overflow shelf has to be fully cleared by the end of the month. Anything not collected from the shelf will be disposed of. To avoid disappointment, please check for your work.  
  • Play with Clay is running tomorrow. Thank you to Bea and Margaret for volunteering. There is a workshop on in the afternoon so please make sure you clean up well after yourself.  Sessions for the following week are below: 
    • Play with Clay: Tuesday 6-9pm, Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm 
    • Open Studio:  next week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 1-4pm (none on Monday as we have a group visiting from Hamilton City Council) 
Simplified figure sculpture with Javier Murcia

Simplified figure sculpture with Javier Murcia


Term 3 classes are now online. There are a few changes this time. Sadly, we won’t have any classes led by Diane Parker or Wilhelmiina Drummond for this coming term. However, we warmly welcome the return of Nicolette Brodnax (Monday evenings), Yasmin Davis (Thursday evenings), and Sanet Jooste (Sunday tasters).

Check out all of our classes and workshops currently on offer. Book quickly to secure a space as they go quickly.


Woodside Estate open Garden Festival 

Saturday 30th October 10am- 5pm 

Our event pre Covid was very successful so let’s make this one better.  We have also added plant sales in this year to attract more visitors. Sites available free of charge to any potters, sculptors and other artists who would like to be part of this great day.  

Expressions of interest to Les on 021 1146368 or email 


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