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Potters' Press 10 December 2021

Christmas party | Important dates | Booking studio time | Contactless firing & clay sales

Some pieces from this week's luster workshop

multiple pieces of ceramics decorated with metallic overglaze, sitting on a bright blue shelf

Christmas party

21st December at 5pm at the Waikato Society of Potters studio.

We have almost made it through a very challenging year, potters! We would love our members to celebrate with us at our annual Christmas party. 

David will be firing up the raku kiln outside. If you have some bisqueware to feed to the flames, bring it along with you. Inside, we will be holding our annual Secret Santa Swap so bring along a home made gift and join in the fun. And bring a plate to share and we can gather outside to nibble and natter around the flames and cheer one another for getting through the year. 

We are operating My Vaccine Pass inside the studio at the moment so please bring along your Vaccine Pass (the one with the QR code) so we can scan it at the door for entry.

Important dates

  • Last date for firing drop offs: 13th December
  • Collect all works-in-progress on shelves or wet cupboards: 14th December
  • Christmas party: 21st December
  • Studio closes: 22th December at 4pm
  • Studio opens: 17th January 2022

Picking up your work and clay

Please remember to collect any works-in-progress, clay or belongings from the studio as soon as possible. While you can collect recent firing up until 22nd December, we will begin cleaning the main studio next Wednesday 15th December. Any works-in-progress, clay or belongings left will need to be collected by the evening of Tuesday 14th so that we can clean the space. If you are working on a piece and intend to return after than time to finish it, please take it home with you in the meantime.

Open Studio time

There are loads of slots to come in for studio time tomorrow morning and next week. Please note that tomorrow morning's Open Studio time is shorter than usual, ending at 12 noon.

You will need to pre-book your spot for any studio time tomorrow or next week

We are operating My Vaccine Pass in the studio so please bring along your official Vaccine Pass (the one with the QR code) with you so that it can be scanned at the door. If you have shown your pass previously, you may be asked again as the volunteers and staff may not have scanned it personally (we don't keep a record of them). If you have had trouble downloading the pass, many pharmacies can print it for you.

Potters, you have been awesome, understanding and patient while we get to grips with the new system. We really do appreciate you helping us with this. 

Contactless firing service

We have been working hard to provide opportunities for people who have not got vaccine passes to get work fired. Stephen has created some bookable times for a contactless firing service and the first day (today) went relatively smoothly.

There are important steps to follow so please read all the information carefully if booking. This is because we need your help as it takes a little more work to identify the pieces, package them up for you etc. You will need to do some extra labelling, measuring and paying in advance. We can adapt the process as we go, but we were eager to get something in place quickly knowing how close the holidays were.

The time slots can be booked online but, as I say, please do read carefully so that it makes the process as simple as possible. We also ask that, if you have a pass and are able to enter the studio, please do so for drop-offs and pick-ups as this will keep the slots free for those who need it most, and also free up staff and volunteer time as it will take us a little longer to locate and process these.

If you have any queries or feedback about the service, please get in touch with us.


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