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Potters' Press 28 January 2022

Studio at Red | Next week in the studio | Changes to storing works-in-progress | Classes | Waiclay exhibition |  Workshops in Paeroa

The studio in red

The studio is now operating under "Red" of the COVID-19 Protection Framework. We are following the advice and official guidelines recommended by the Ministry of Health regarding the current pandemic.

Because we were already taking a cautious approach to looking after our members, volunteers, tutors and staff, nothing has changed since Orange. 

  • We still have My Vaccine Pass in place: our staff, tutors and volunteers are vaccinated and we require visitors to the studio to have their Vaccine Pass. 
  • We also require everyone to wear a mask while on the premises. Please wear a mask that covers both your nose and mask at all times.
  • Please continue to sign/scan in for contact tracing and stay home if you feel at all unwell, if you are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19, or if you have been advised to isolate as a result of contact with known cases.
  • Please try to maintain at least 1m distancing from others while in the studio.

Next week in the studio

Next week is a short week as it is Auckland Anniversary weekend.

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Open Studio (book in advance). Note, kiln/glaze room will be closed in the morning 10-12.30, so glazing or bisque collection only in the afternoon
  • Wednesday: Open Studio (book in advance)
  • Thursday: Open Studio (book in advance)
  • Friday: Open Studio (book in advance)
  • Saturday: 5th February Open Studio - we will open up bookings soon.

Storing unfired work in the studio

We are conscious of the potential harm that can be caused by the inhalation of silica dust. We take this seriously which is why we have wet-mop and wet-vacuum the studio when cleaning. However, storing unfired but dry work in the studio poses a risk for the same reasons. As a result, we are reducing the time we will keep worked-in-progress on our shelves in the studio to 4 weeks maximum. If you have unfinished work on the studio shelves but there is a possibility you will not return to the studio for more than 4 weeks, please take it home with you. Once dry, it is a hazard to health and so we will be removing it after that period of time.


Term 1 classes are selling fast. The sold-out classes already have long waiting lists (58 people on one of them!). The Tuesday morning throwing class has a few spots left only. If you still wish to join a class that has spaces left, I recommend signing up soon to avoid disappointment. 

If you have the hang of making already but want to add some finesse with slips, glazes or other decorating techniques, Yasmin's Thursday morning surface decoration class will not disappoint. It will take you much further than the Glazing 101 workshops.

Check out the classes online.

Waiclay exhibition

Shimmer by John Roy - Winner of the Waikato of Potters Merit Award
Shimmer by John Roy

Winner of the Waikato of Potters Merit Award

The Waiclay National Ceramics Award Exhibition 2022 launched last weekend at the Waikato Museum. It was wonderful to see there are quite a few WSP potters with work in the exhibition. It's a lovely show representing a diversity of techniques and styles. if you have a chance, I urge you to go along to have a look. A special congratulations to John Roy whose work won the WSP Merit Award.

Pottery workshops in Paeroa

Rahu Road Pottery has the following workshops coming up in 2022:


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