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Potters' Press 3 February 2022

Last chance to collect this WIP- gone by Friday next week

unfired clay tray made with woven lengths of clay

Deep gratitude to some of our awesome supporters

We are feeling the love this week and want to say a few words of thanks. We are a charity that is run on a very tight budget and are so grateful for the support of our members, volunteers and kind people in the world. This week, we have received some gifts that have our hearts feeling full.

We recently held a working bee in the studio. With the loan of a very long ladder, and Tim Edwards' head for heights, finally changed some lightbulbs and brightened up the space. Between Teresa Gibbison and Tess May, the tools and the books were cleaned and catalogues, and Bronwyn Wright helped to clean up the shelves in the kitchen area. Sarah Lee and Sarah Wolf have been painting the shelves. Thanks you so much! The work continues, but slowly we are freshening up the place in preparation for term beginning. 

Susan Flight is a long-standing supporter of the club, a respected ceramic artist, generous educator and cherished member. Susan kindly donated heaps of glaze materials and batts to the society and we can't believe how lucky we are. Thank you so much Susan! We are still feeling the impact of the lockdowns last year as well as the lower numbers of visitors to the studio due to restrictions. This gift means so much.

The COVID-19 Protection Framework made it necessary to create a reception area at the front door. Stephen had temporarily taken over the dining table in order to be stationed there during the last few months. This week, we were the recipient of some slick office furniture from the amazing All Heart NZ, a charity that partners with corporates to redirect and repurpose redundant and unwanted items. They positively impact the planet by reducing waste while also supporting organisations to provide access to education and wellbeing services. I'm sure our community will be delighted to have the use of the dining table again, and we are pleased to update some of our broken and patchwork furniture. All Heart NZ relocate items not just for use by the recipient organisations, but also for them to raise funds to support their work. If your place of work is remodelling and getting rid of furniture, please consider partnering with All Heart NZ.

Keeping with the furniture theme, we got a few second hand office chairs from our neighbours across the car park, Arts for Health so our staff and artists-in-residence can have chairs that swivel and move again! Hooray for awesome neighbours!

Midrange white glaze

In addition to the donated chemicals, we also had a delivery of glaze materials from our suppliers. A couple of things are on back-order and we hear that it might be another couple of months before the rest of them arrive due to supply chain issues.

As a result, we are running low on mid-range white. We are working to provide an alternative so appreciate your patience.

Open Studio time

Next week is another short week as we are celebrating Waitangi Day this weekend.

Saturday 5 February: Tim and Teresa have kindly volunteered to open up and help out this Saturday. Please book in advance as usual:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Open Studio (book in advance). 
Wednesday: Open Studio (book in advance)
Thursday: Open Studio (book in advance)
Friday: Open Studio (book in advance)


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