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Studio access and vaccine passes

Kia ora potters,

I am writing just a brief update this week. It's been a long day. Our internet connection is intermittent and frequently timing out so I want to get this off before I lose it! It's been so lovely to see the studio getting more busy again now that classes have begun. It is still really quiet suing Open Studio time and, from what I have seen, in town in general. I know it will be a nervous time for many and I hope you are all well.

I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that we are using My Vaccine Pass in the studio. According to the Ministry of Health, the only official documentation showing vaccination status within Aotearoa New Zealand is My Vaccine Pass. Please help us to meet government requirements by bringing along your pass. If in doubt, can read more about it on the government's COVID-19 website: My Vaccine Pass | Unite against COVID-19 ( While some may feel inconvenienced by the legal requirements, I would ask that you don't take frustrations out on tutors, staff or volunteers as we are simply doing the best we can.

Next week:
Tomorrow morning - Open Studio 10-1pm
Play With Clay (pre-book): Wednesday morning 9.30am-12.30pm
Open studio pre-book: Monday 10-12.30, 1-4; Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-12.30pm, 1-4pm - note - not on Friday 25th February as Diploma is back on!

I'll leave you with these two lovely fish I found on the glaze shelves this morning. Made by Marian Thodey, they reminded me that tomorrow we slip begins Pisces' time 

Have a great weekend.


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