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Potters' Press 2 September 2022 - Welcoming spring

Glaze problems  |  Kiln for sale  |  Housekeeping  |  Potter's mark or stamp  |  Our alumna hitting the news  |  Next week 

Glaze problems

We are having some glaze issues. Effected glazes include mid-range clear, green, pink and the turquoise raku.

These glazes are producing less than desirable results including matt finishes on the colours, and milky finish with the clear. Be warned. We are working as fast as we can to isolate the contaminated ingredient but it is going to involve a little trial and error. In the meantime, we recommend you avoid using these. 

Kiln for sale

Kiln for sale

Kiln for sale

We've all been carefully side-stepping the elephant in the kiln room for some time. Thank you all for being so patient. 

The new Kiln 1 has passed all our tests, so we are now ready to say goodbye to the old(er) Kiln 1. It went on Trademe this afternoon for sale. It has served us well, seeing us through countless firings and has been a dependable piece of kit. It will be a great addition to a studio that ca handle the 3 phase wiring.

If you are interested in buying a huge FE kiln, please have a look at the listing. You are welcome to pop in to have a closer look in the studio during studio hours.

Housekeeping / Studio business

No batts on the bisque shelves - we would appreciate if you left the batts in the studio and placed work to be bisqued directly on the shelves in the kiln room. Thank you.

Broken timer on the wax pan - The timer for the wax pan has broken and there has been no opportunity to replace it during work hours today. A new one will be bought over the weekend. If using it during this weekend, please make sure you also turn on the fans, and remember to switch off and unplug the pan after use.

Spray booth - it is working. One of our members had trouble with it this week. The on/off knob needs to be lifted upwards to get it going.

Collect your bisqueware this Saturday - Our bisqueware shelves are full. If you have work on them, please pop in over the weekend and collect it. If it has been here for a month or more, this is urgent. We will have a clear-out on Monday morning as we need to make room.

Club gas firing -  Thanks Libby - the gas kiln is getting fired again next weekend. We are almost caught up with the backlog!

Potters' marks or stamps

We are resurrecting the potters' mark book. This is a little red book is located on the kitchen table. It is a place where you can draw/stamp your potters' mark, initials or whatever identifying symbol you use underneath your work to distinguish it from the work of others. We are working towards everyone firing in our kilns having an identifiable mark recorded here.

We have a lot of anonymous work going through the kilns. If there are any problems we need to be able to get hold of you. Please record your potters' mark, stamp or the initials you use on the underside of your work in our little red book. 

Another reason why labelling the underside of your work is important, is to avoid it being mistakenly claimed. This happens more often than you would think.

Alex is in the news

Our very own Alex Wilkinson is hitting the headlines again. Hop on to Stuff to read about why Alex ditched chemical engineering for ceramics: Why potter Alex Wilkinson chose ceramics over chemical engineering

Next week in the studio

Play with clay:  Saturday (tomorrow) 10am-1pm; Tuesday 6-9pm, Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm)

Open Studio: Monday - Thursday 1-4pm

Friday 9 September = Diploma only day


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