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Potters' Press 7 November 2022

Our shelves are overflowing

It's only the start of the third week of Term 4 and our shelves are overflowing. If you have bisqueware to collect - please do so soon. We are beginning to clear out any old work as we have no space for long term storage.

Bisqueware: Any bisqueware that has been here for 3 months or longer has now gone. If you have work that is younger than that, it would be greatly appreciated if you could collect it as soon as possible as we are running out of shelf space.

Wet cupboards: 1 week max. We have signs to remind you and have been asking nicely but there is still a lot of work in the wet cupboards that has been there so long that the batts are disintegrating. Batts cost us money to replace and the wet cupboard access is important for wheel throwing student work. Please be considerate and don't overstay. Anything that is there for longer than one week will be moved to the WIP shelves. Pop a piece of paper with your name and date on it in with each piece. If not dated, it will be removed.

Drying/WIP Shelves: 1 month max. Anything dated earlier than October - or not dated at all - will be removed today to create more space.

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Wax timer switch

We use a timer switch for the wax pan for safety reasons. If it is forgotten, we can be reassured that the pan will not overheat and result in a fire. We have noticed on multiple occasions that the override button has been used and this puts the building, and everyone in it, at risk. Tape has been placed over the override switch now so that there is no temptation to use it. Please always use the timer when operating the wax pan.

Basic operation:

  1. Check the socket is switched on at the wall. 
  2. Turn on the fan.
  3. Check that at least 3 pins are depressed on the circumference of the switch, around the numbers. Each pin equates to roughly 15 minutes. So if 3 pins are depressed, that's 45 minutes.
  4. Turn the dial clockwise until the first pin lines up with the black arrow. The wax pan should turn on and begin heating. It should switch off automatically after 45 minutes,

Workshop - Glazing with the spray gun

Saturday 10 December, 2-4pm
Tutor: Yasmin Davis

So, you've already done the Glazing 101 Workshop where you learned lots of tips and tricks to applying underglazes and glazes, and you mainly dipped your glazes to apply them.

Many people prefer to use the spray gun to apply glaze. When done correctly, you can achieve a very smooth and even coating. In this workshop, Yasmin will teach you when this method is best, techniques for applying glazes using the spray, as well as the all important  how to clean the gun properly after use. More and to book...

Glaze room closure

The kiln/glaze room will be closed on Tuesday 8 November 3.30-4pm while we make some glazes up.

Diploma student assessments

Thank you to all who came along on Friday afternoon to view the work by our Diploma in Ceramic Arts students. The students did a marvelous job and we want to congratulate them on their hard work. We wish them all well as they wait for their assessment results. A selection of the work is below for those who couldn't make it.

We say a proud and fond farewell to Deb Limmer and Stu Allen who are finishing up their studies this year. We hope they will continue their ceramics practice and keep in touch.

Congratulations for the Portage 2022 finalists

Congratulations to all of this year’s Portage finalists but especially to WSP friend and sometimes tutor Sylvia Sinel! We wish you all the best.

Finalists: Stephen Aitken, Leigh Anderton-Hall, Greg Barron, Heather Bell, Maak Bow, Annette Bull, Oliver Cain, Peter Collis, Anna Crichton, Rosie Parsonson & Richard Darbyshire, Rod Davies, Peter Derksen, Mel Ford, Mandy Gargiulo, Evelyn Hodowany, Tracy Keith, Yueh Luo, Paul Maseyk, Kylie Matheson, John Parker, Richard Penn, Helen Perrett, Teresa Peters, Elena Renker, Rick Rudd, Takaaki Sakaguchi, Sylvia Sinel, Janna van Hasselt, Dorothy Waetford and Pip Woods.

This week in the studio

Monday, Tuesday:  Open Studio 1-4pm
note, the glaze room will be from 3.30-4pm on Tuesday for health and safety reasons while Lara makes up some glazes.
Tuesday: Play with Clay 6-9pm
Wednesday: Play with Clay 9.30am-12.30pm; Open Studio 1-4pm
Thursday: Open Studio 1-4pm
Friday: Open Studio 10am-1pm; 1-4pm
Saturday: Play with Clay 10am-1pm


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