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Latest news: An exhibition/market, Clay Festival 2023 and more

An exhibition and sale opportunity  |  Clay Festival Waikato 2023  |  Preparing for the holidays  |  Wood firing January 2023  |  Christmas Party  |  This weekend in the studio  |  Next week in the studio 

A mini exhibition/market for our members

The changeable weather conditions have been disrupting markets. We had initially suggested organising a market for our members to sell some work in the run up to the holidays. However, this seems too difficult with the rain and wind at the moment.

Instead, we are offering space in two of our cabinets for our members to exhibit some pieces that are also for sale. Think things people might like to buy as Christmas gifts. We plan to get the shelves in by Monday, with the mini exhibition/sale beginning on Tuesday and running until the end of the year.

We won't ask for commission but we will also not handle sales through our accounts. We are happy to accept cash on your behalf, or you can provide your bank account details if you wish people to pay by bank transfer.

If you would like to participate please

  1. Drop items off on Saturday 10 December 10-1pm or Monday 12 December in a box with your name, contact details and your bank account details
  2. Clearly price all items 
  3. If you use a ceramics business name please also let us know
  4. Any unsold items may be collected by 23 December or between 16 and 20 January unless an alternative arrangement is made in advance with Sarah or Larissa.

We will do some promotion to entice people in to see the work.

Clay Festival Waikato 2023

Clay Festival Waikato 2023 logo. A black painted swish inside a grey rectangle with the text Clay Festival Waikato 2023

Waitangi holiday weekend 2023

Yasmin and Jenni are bringing back Clay Festival Waikato in February.

Presenting 3 days of clay indulgence in the style of a summer school, to start off a fresh new year. Set in beautiful lush rural garden of Tamahere, just 10 minutes outside Hamilton.

Daily lunch time with markets with an opportunities to purchase potteries, clay and raffles over Waitangi weekend 2023.


  • Kim Henderson
  • Jennifer Turnbull
  • Brandon Adams
  • Mike O'Donnell
  • Jenni Taris
  • David Kenny
  • Yasmin Davis

More information:  or

Preparing for the holidays

We are busy in the kiln room trying to get your firing through as efficiently as we can.

  • Tomorrow morning, 10th December by 1pm, is the last day to drop your glazed work in if you want it guaranteed to be ready for the holidays. Work dropped after this may still make it through, but we can't promise.
  • There is a lot of bisqueware on the shelves. We really need these shelves to be cleared by the holidays. If you can, please pop in and get those pieces glazed. If you aren't able to come in to glaze those pieces, we would appreciate if you collected them by 23rd December as we can't clean the shelves when they are full of work.
  • Please take any class work, belongings or clay with you over the holidays, even if you are enrolling in a class next term. This is so we can clean and maintain the studio over the break.
  • Remove any unfired work by 23rd December. Nothing will be kept if left in the wet cupboards so please avoid disappointment by taking those items home.

Phoenix Wood Kiln firing January 2023

Thanks to Duncan, Janet, Ginny and Yasmin, the Phoenix's firebox has been repaired and is all ready to be fired up again. It's too late to fire it up this year, so we have arranged a weekend of firing at the end of January (27-29). Get busy making over the break. We will be open in the middle of January for bisque firing the work so it is ready on time. Check the rules and find all the info on the booking page...

Christmas party

Don't forget the club Christmas party for our members! Margaret and Larry are already starting to put the decorations up. Please come and celebrate the end of the year with the team. Bring a plate and a handmade gift for the Secret Santa Swap fun.

This weekend at the studio

  • 10am-1pm - Play with Clay - please clean up and leave promptly as there is an afternoon workshop
  • 2-4pm - Glazing with a spray gun workshop


  • 2-4pm - Ceramic Christmas decorations workshop

Next week in the studio

The last week of term classes except for Monday classes who have a further class on 19th December and Thursday morning class who have a class on 22nd December.

Monday 12 December

  • Open Studio 1-4pm

Tuesday 13 December

  • No open studio due to private function in the main studio. The glaze room can still be used 1-4pm by members.
  • Play with Clay 6-9pm - the last evening PWC for 2022, please make sure you take WIPs away and clear work from the studio if you can't return again before 23rd December.
  • Special General Meeting 6pm in kitchen or attend via Google Meets ( - members only - to vote on the motion to change the society's constitution regarding accounts prepared for the AGM. Members see email reminder.

Wednesday 14 December

  • Play with Clay 10am-12.30pm - the last Wednesday PWC for 2022, please make sure you take WIPs away and clear work from the studio if you can't return again before 23rd December.
  • Open Studio 1-4pm

Thursday 15 December

  • Open Studio 1-4pm

Friday 16 December

  • Open Studio 9.30am-4pm

Saturday 17 December

  • Play with Clay 10am-1pm - the last PWC session for 2022, please make sure you take WIPs away and clear work from the studio if you can't return again before 23rd December. 


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