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End of week studio news

It's almost party time!

20 December, 5.30 at Waikato Society of Potters

I know schedules are jam-packed at this time of year but if you are free, we would love to see you at the Christmas party next week. It's our opportunity to say thank you for giving life to the studio; for bringing us joy when we unload your pieces from the kiln and say "wow, look at that!"; for hanging around a little longer after class to have a cuppa and a chat. Let's celebrate another year gone by together for our wee clay community. If you can, please bring a plate to share as well as a small (preferably handmade) gift for the Secret Santa Swap game. It would be lovely to see you there.

Plaster molds for sale

We are selling some old plaster molds that are surplus to requirements at the studio. These will be on a moveable shelf in the studio during Play with Clay tomorrow morning. There are some good ones for clay recycling or handbuilding. 

Christmas gifts made by our society potters

Larissa has put on a lovely little exhibition in the kitchen. We have two cabinets stocked with cool things made by some of our potters. 100% of the sale price goes to the artist. In a year (let's be honest, the last 3 years) that's been challenging for independent creatives and small businesses, supporting local enterprise means a lot. The last few weeks have also seen a lot of markets cancelled due to we weather meaning fewer opportunities to buy and sell. If you would like to support local while picking up some things of beauty, pop in and take a look. The exhibition will run until Friday 23rd December. Payment is cash or bank transfer directly to the artist. 

Wouldn't know em from a bar of soap

Calling all handmade soap fans! We happen to have a talented soap maker in our club.  Kathryn, who runs Wouldn't Know 'Em From A Bar Of Soap Co uses natural clays, oils and pure essential oils to make our cold-pressed soaps. After a little begging from some of us in the studio, Kathryn is bringing her soaps to the studio next Monday morning. Her van will be parked up in the car park from 9.30am until 1.30pm on 19th December. If you would like to pick up some amazing soaps (they make awesome gifts) and support a fellow independent maker, please pop in during that time. Yu can check out some of the range in advance: @wouldntknowem

January soda firing

An empty kiln with some stacks of bricks and broken ceramic shards sitting on the bottom. The back of the kiln has a wet appearance with a forest green hue.

We have lined up a Phoenix wood firing for the final weekend of January (27-29). This means there will be plenty of time to make between now and then, and you can get your bisque firing in after we reopen in mid January. If you would like to make over the holidays, we have heaps of suitable clay in our store, just remember to pop in before we close next Friday. Check the rules and find all the info on the booking page...

Studio access over the next week

Play with Clay

Please focus on finishing up projects and collecting work from the studio. No works-in-progress or belongings to be left in the studio over the holidays. If you have WIPs and are not able to collect them by 4pm on 23 December, please take them after your PWC or Open Studio sessions as we need empty shelves to carry out proper cleaning and maintenance.

  • Saturday 17 December 10am-1pm
  • Wednesday 21 December 9.30am-12.30pm

No PWC on 20 December - we have our club Christmas party instead!

Open Studio

  • Monday 19 December 1-4pm
  • Tuesday 20 December 1-4pm
  • Wednesday 21 December 1-4pm
  • Thursday 22 December 1-4pm 
  • Friday 23 December - all day


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