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Exhibition reminder, Sales opportunity for artists and studio updates

Term 3 has begun

Term 3 is underway with classes beginning this week. This evening's Introduction to Pottery class and Sunday's Wheel Throwing Taster and now sold out. 

Play with Clay is running tomorrow 10am until 1pm.


A huge thank you to Craig and Burns who ran the latest gas firing, and to Craig for unloading a pallet load of clay when Larissa and Sarah were off sick.

Thank you also to Lisa and Lydia who ran the extra Play with Clay session to make up for some of the lost sessions when we were closed.

Thank you also to Margaret who does so much - along with Libby, Margaret helped paint the mezzanine floor, of course is always helping in the kiln room, and is out scraping kiln shelves in the sunshine today!


Before and after painting the floor

Before and after painting the floor

We appreciate your patience while we closed the studio to do some work. The mezzanine level was emptied and cleaned. We cleared a lot of clutter, got rid of the dusty carpet, and painted the floor in the hope of prolonging its life, as well as making it easier to clean. The space will be more welcoming for artists in residence who work up there. We are expecting 2 new artists to move in next week - Libby and Lauren, who you will have an opportunity to meet soon.

We would prefer that people put dishes in the dishwasher rather than hand washing them. We don't have warm running water and a full wash in the machine is more economical in terms of water use. If the machine is on, we don't mind if you leave them to the side of the sink and we will pop them in once it has been emptied.

There was an issue with one of the studio taps not closing off on Thursday evening. It has now been fixed by a plumber. The tap is a heavy brass one and a part of it had been bent so possibly something very heavy had been dropped on it and caused the damage. We know accidents happen. Please report any damage to fixtures and equipment as soon as they are noticed so we can get them repaired in a timely manner. 

Reminder: upcoming WSP exhibition 

A friendly reminder that our annual exhibition is approaching next month. With a few weeks left, I hope you are all busy making your entry piece. We love showing the breadth of our talent every year at ArtsPost gallery. It's a event we all look forward to and is an opportunity to celebrate ceramics in the region. All the entry information is online:

There are prizes up for grabs for all levels of experience and we welcome new to experienced artists alike.

Sales opportunity for artists

Ruru's Nest Gift Shop

Ruru's Nest Gift Shop

The Sculpture Park at Waitakaruru Arboretum is looking to source artists who might be interested in producing one-off small sculptures or a series of work. Some artists have supplied prints and saleable art in other media —all themed on our native birds. The Trust sells on behalf of artists and charges 35% commission.

If you are interested, please put a proposal to the Trust by emailing Dorothy Wakeling at or Sue Devonshire at

Your proposal needs to contain:

  • A sketch of the work you want to sell at the shop

  • The dimensions of the work you propose to make

  • An idea of the colour(s) and material(s) to be used

  • The retail price (inclusive of the 35% commission)

Mystery Creek Ceramics Shop Launch


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