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Cashless studio, Abstract sculpture workshop, Annual exhibition

Hi pottery people!

We’ve had a lovely week here, with lots of sunshiny faces bringing warmth into the wintery studio :) This weekend it’s all go, there’s the usual Play with Clay, plus a prep day for next weekend’s Phoenix wood firing, and the Sunday Wheel Taster class, followed by Yasmin’s Watercolours on Clay workshop.

We’ve got a new Abstract Sculpture workshop offering for September too – take a look below, and check out all the other news too.

Cashless studio, coming soon…

From the 1st of July, we’re planning to go largely cashless in the studio so we can streamline some administration processes. You will still be able to pay by EFTPOS and by bank transfer, as normal. If cash is the only possible method of payment available to you, then please bring the correct change, this will be the only way we will be able to accept cash payments after the 1st of July. Much thanks for your cooperation in simplifying these processes xx

Annual Exhibition

Entries are now open! Download your entry form here, or fill out a paper copy in-studio. Entries close on the 13th of August, and the exhibition opens with a preview evening on the 22nd of August. Remember, this exhibition is for all our members, and the only requirement to enter is that you’re a current financial WSP member.

New Sculpture Workshop in September

Amazing Abstract Artifacts
Create abstract sculptural forms with practising artist Sylvia Sinel
Saturday 14th September, 10am – 4pm

In this hand-building workshop, Sylvia will teach you an array of construction techniques with the goal of combining them to create fabulous abstract forms.

Sylvia also sometimes explores multi-media to decorate her works and dabbles outside the world of traditional glazing, using paints and other materials to achieve her desired surface finish. If you're looking to learn something new, you will benefit from Sylvia's non-traditional and interdisciplinary approach to pottery. Find more info here.

WSP School Holiday Programme

School Holiday Pottery Full Day Programme
For children 7-14 years
Tuesday 9th July, 9am - 3pm OR Monday 15th July, 9am - 3pm

In this kids day-programme, your child/ren will get to make their own pottery pieces using a variety of techniques, including:

  • Create a Creature - using the pinch pot method and adding features.

  • Wheel Adventures - have a fun, messy time spinning clay on the pottery wheel.

  • Paint a Pot - choose a pre-made pot to paint with underglazes.

  • Freestyling - freedom to create whatever and however they like.

School Holiday Pottery Programme - Paint-a-Pot
For children 7-14 years
Thursday 11th July, 10.30am – 12pm

In this kids session your child/ren will get to choose a pre-made pot and paint it with underglazes. We will then glaze and fire the piece for them, and they will be able to collect their piece 1 week later.

School Holiday Pottery Programme - Adventures on the Wheel
For children 7-14 years
Thursday 11th July, 1pm – 3.30pm

In this kids session your child/ren will get to have a go at making a pot on the pottery wheel. We will then glaze and fire the piece for them, and they will be able to collect their piece 2 weeks later.

Find more info on our Class Bookings page.

Meet the Crew Monday …on a Friday

This week it’s the Pink One’s turn! We’re meeting Libby Cameron, our Assistant Manager.

Libby started in the Assistant Manager role in January, and is happy to report that she is still absolutely loving it. With her passion for pottery and a job that enables her to share that and help other clay-crazed people, it’s an ideal fit.

Although she’d dabbled a wee bit here and there prior, Libby properly discovered her love of making with clay in 2012 when she enrolled in night classes with Bev McKenzie and Chris Fairly through the Fraser High community ed programme. She spent roughly 2 years in those classes, joyfully trying out lots of hand-building techniques and getting involved in their regular raku firings. Libby joined WSP in 2014 to take another night class, this time in wheel-throwing with tutor, Fenella Fern. And she adored it!

Over the last 10 years, Libby has been a member, volunteer, Artist in Residence, wheel throwing tutor, and now a staff member. Her favourite things about spending time at WSP are seeing people catch the clay-bug, just like she has, and their excitement when they pick up their finished pieces.

Libby’s potting has taken a bit of a U-turn over the years, going from a hobby to studio potting and selling her work, and now back to a hobby. She gets more joy from giving away (or swapping pieces with other potters) than from selling them. At the moment her favourite thing to make is wobbly-bobbly-blob bottles.

Outside of the studio, Libby likes mucking around in her tropical-themed garden, spoiling the living daylights out of her three cats (Squeaky, Boggle and Wocket), heading away for trips with her mum in their motorhome, and writing about herself in the third person 😉

Say kia ora to Libby when you’re in the studio – you can’t miss her, she’s the one with the tattoos and (currently) pink hair.

The Mighty Waikato Pottery Throw Down

The most frivolous/competitive day of the WSP year is fast approaching – make sure it’s in your calendar: Saturday the 6th of July!

Adults Classes and Workshops

Glazing tips, tricks and techniques
4 week class on Wednesdays, 6pm-9pm, starting 26th June

Whether you'd like to learn the basics of glazing, take your surface decoration to the next level, or trouble-shoot glazing problems, Larissa will take you through all the techniques to get the results you want. This course will also include the opportunity to apply the special low-fire crawl glaze to one of your bisqued pieces! More info here.

Kiln loading and licence
Monday 1st July, 6pm - 8pm

A one-off class where you will learn about loading and firing kilns. If you'd like to learn how to load the WSP kilns so you can hire them for your own work; or if you've bought your own kiln recently and would like to learn about how to stack it safely, this class will give you all the info you need. More info here.

Clay recycling - save money, save the environment!
Monday 8th July, 6pm - 9pm

A one-night class where you will learn how to reclaim your clay scraps and turn them back into usable clay! This is great knowledge that will save you money and reduce the amount of waste going back into the environment. More info here.

Phoenix Wood Firing with Greg Barron
Saturday 3 August
: Prep day: organize wood, prep props, shelves, wadding etc
Saturday 10 August: wadding and loading pots into kiln
Sunday 11 August: firing kiln
Saturday 17 August: unloading kiln
We are thrilled to have Greg Barron as firemaster for this event. Participants must glaze their pieces prior to 10th August so that they're ready to load. More info here.

Studio Schedule

Here’s what’s happening next week… Check the online calendar though, just in case.

Saturday 8th of June
10am – 1pm, Play with Clay – thanks Tim and Lydia!
All day, Phoenix firing prep day

Sunday 9th of June
10am – 1pm, Class – Wheel Throwing Taster
1.30pm – 5.30pm – Watercolours on Clay workshop

Monday 10th of June
9.30am – 12.30pm, Class – Wheel Throwing
1pm – 4pm, Members’ Open Studio
6pm – 9pm, Class – Wheel Throwing

Tuesday 11th of June
9.30am – 4pm, Members’ Open Studio
6pm – 9pm, Play with Clay – Thank you Margaret and Kelly!

Wednesday 12th of June
9.30am – 12.30pm, Play with Clay – Thanks Yasmin and Larissa!
1pm – 4pm, Members’ Open Studio
6pm – 9pm, Class – Wheel Throwing and Decorating

Thursday 13th of June
9.30am – 12.30pm, Class – Sculpture Skills
1pm – 4pm, Members’ Open Studio
6pm – 9pm, Class – Hand Building

Friday 14th of June
9.30am – 4pm, Members’ Open Studio
6pm – 9pm, Class – Wheel Throwing Taster

Saturday 15th of June
All day, Phoenix Loading Day
10am – 1pm, Play with Clay - thanks Teresa and Amy!

Sunday 16th of June
10am – 1pm, Class – Wheel Throwing Taster
All day, Phoenix Firing Day!

See you soon x


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