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Potters' Press 13 August 2021

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Raku Club Firing
When: Saturday 4th September 2021 9:30am - 1:00pm
David is running another raku club firing. Come and get involved with handling glowy things and revel in the unpredictable excitement of this technique. This experience is open to WSP members only. There will also be an information session on 21 August which will be helpful for those who haven't been involved in raku before: suitable work, glazes etc. Find out more...

Glazing 101 Workshop
When: 28 August, 2-5pm
With Yasmin. Learn to bring your ceramics alive with underglazes and glazes. Find out more...


Play with Clay 
Tomorrow (Saturday 14 August): 10am-1pm 
Tuesday 17 August 6-9pm (subject to volunteer availability - we only have one at present)
Wednesday 18 August 9.30am-12.30pm

Open Studio
Monday 17 August 10am-12.30pm
Wednesday 18 August 1-4pm
** note ** No Open Studio on Monday or Tuesday afternoons next week as we have Te Kura students visiting.

Clay bags needed for recycling
We desperately need more clay bags for our recycling. We need used clay bags rather than empty lighter weight plastic bags that are not really sturdy enough. If you have any empties, please send them our way rather than throwing them in the bin. Thanks.

Clay Waste
On a similar note - please consider being more mindful of what you fire. I recorded 64kg of uncollected bisque waste this week. This is work that has been on our shelves for some time and went uncollected. We can still recycle the clay until it has been through the kiln. So if you are think you might not like what you've made, consider recycling the clay instead. It is a finite resource.


The Waikato Society of Potters 50th Annual Exhibition
Opening night 14 October, runs 15 October - 22 November at ArtsPost Hamilton

We want to celebrate all our members, at all experience levels! Please consider submitting some work for our upcoming annual exhibition. This is our 50th so we want it to be special. There are many awesome awards, but it's more about celebrating you all than winning!
Read the terms & conditions and Enter...

Waiclay National Ceramic Exhibition 
at Waikato Museum
Waiclay provides local members the opportunity to enter in a selected National Ceramic Exhibition. Waiclay in partnership with Waikato Museum have presented exhibitions of excellence that represents the current work produced by both renowned potters along with emerging potters. This year is their 20th year and they encourage you to enter, supporting a small team of Waikato Potters that present this exhibition. 
Entry form - or email
If you have an questions please contact Janet Smith 0272519043 or Ginny Lane 0274855214 


Susannah from Hamilton Pottery Tools will be in the studio on Monday evening. If you are keen to buy some tools, pop in around 6pm. Please consider that there is a class on so please don't enter the main studio are and interrupt the class. 


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