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A spring return to the studio: classes starting in Level 2

Classes resuming | The golden rules at Level 2 | Annual exhibition approaching fast

Hi team of potters,

We have been slowly opening the studio getting it ready for classes to return. We welcomed some people back this week to drop off firing, pick up work, and some made appointments to glaze. Today, some of the diploma students came in, and it was a great trial run to make sure we will be doing our best to keep you all safe next week when classes resume.

On Sunday afternoon, classes will resume, (hoorayyyy) albeit with student numbers. To achieve the regulation distancing, we have had to reduce numbers in some classes. To those students who have kindly agreed to move to the next term: thank you. We are still working on reorganising some of the classes, but close to being ready. If you attend a Wednesday or Friday evening class and are able to move to a Term 4 class, please let me know.

In the studio, we have a lot of signage in place to keep you on track If you are unsure of anything, just as your tutor, the artist on duty, Stephen or me.

The golden rules to follow:

  • Wear a mask at all times in the studio 
  • Sanitise your hands before signing in, before using the Efpos machine, and wash them frequently
  • Scan the QR Code or sign in – or both
  • Maintain 2m distancing from others (the exception is your tutor who may come into closer contact for teaching purposes)
  • Bring your own water bottle or cup. While you can help yourself to cold/hot water or tea and coffee, the kitchen is closed at Level 2 (and please, no sharing food)
  • Limit people in the glaze/kiln room to 2 people at a time - be considerate and don't spend too long in there. 

If you have any queries in the meantime, just reach out. Our team have been amazing. Please continue to be understanding and kind to them. We are all doing the best we can under the circumstances and I am grateful to you all for being so gracious and thoughtful. It's a reminder of just how awesome this wee pottery community is.

When can I come to the studio?

  • Classes are back to their usual times.
  • Kiln firing drop-offs and pick-ups: in order to maintain safe distancing, please do this outside of class times, only during the times listed below. The front door will be locked when classes are running to ensure no accidents occur that breach the rules.
    • Monday 10am-4pm
    • Tuesday 1-4pm
    • Wednesday 10am-4pm
  • Glazing is still by appointment only: call the studio on 07 8381950 or email Stephen to arrange a time. 

If the times above won't work for you, please get in touch and we will do our best to arrange an appointment that works.

Play with Clay and Open Studio delayed

Sorry, PWC and Open Studio are not happening next week. Once we have the classes running smoothly, we will reassess and let you know.

Annual Exhibition

I've had a few conversations with members who felt their ceramic skills weren't of the "calibre" for entering work into an exhibition. I want to reassure you, this is an exhibition for celebrating all of our members, no matter how long ago you first squished some clay between your fingers. While we have some awards, competing is really not the point. We want to cheer another year of our community and celebrate the breadth of creativity, unique sense of style and artistry of you all. 

We are a little worried that COVID-19 might also mean that many of you haven't been making a lot lately. Please, explore your creative side, submit something, whether it be a cup, a tile, or a sculpture and join us in a tribute to you all! Find out all the details...


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